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Artist - H125R

Born in Newark NJ, Currently living in Silver Spring Md, Naiani is the next name to remember in R&B/Pop/Soul. This gifted vocalist and writer comes from a long line of respected singers and musicians. Her parents, both recording artists,, raised her on music like AL Green, Shaka Khan, Isley bros and made sure she was singing in church every Sunday. Anyone of her family members would tell you that music comes very naturally to her. "I would hear my fathers and uncles play instruments and beats from the studio to hearing my mom and sister sing around the house. I watched my sister Sonyae write and sing song all day. She used to take me to the studio with her all the time. So one day I just decided to pick up some paper and a pen and start writing." The rest, as they say, is history.
Naiani is currently preparing to release her first single Complicated from her upcoming ep of the same title.

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Artist - H125R

Singer/Actor/Dancer - Born and raised in the DMV, Myles Frost is on his way to becoming the next household name in pop/soul/r&b and in Hollywood. This former golf prodigy has already made a name for himself in  the film and TV world with a solid supporting role alongside Elise Neal and Lil Mama for the movie "All In" and has voice over and song placements in the new Netflix series "Family Reunion". 

This musician, songwriter, producer, singer, rapper, is currently recording new material and preparing for a series of promotional concerts. He is already working with the best writers and producers in the biz including GoTo, The Pen Point Gaurd, Arrow Benjamin and The Colleagues to name a few.

Stay tuned!



Artist - H125R

Rapper extraordinaire, Howard graduate.

New music coming soon!

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