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We are beyond excited to welcome to the team an award winning composer and conductor Marcin "Miro" Mirowski and his 75 piece symphonic orchestra. Just listen to these clips!

The Film Harmony Orchestra - an elite group comprised of 75 world-class musicians led by multi-talented composer, arranger and pianist Marcin "Miro" Mirowski.

We can configure appropriate ensembles from string quartet through big band, rock/jazz combo to full symphonic sound including the choir and soloists.

TFHO is based in Poland where covid-19 related restrictions regarding recording sessions are minimal.


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Marcin "Miro" Mirowski

Composer, Conductor

Award winning writer with a special

passion for cinematic music. Miro composed music for dozens of theatrical, film and TV projects, his baton led orchestras all across the highly acclaimed concert halls in Europe.

Miro is joining our team at H125R together with his 75 piece "Film Harmony Orchestra"

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Film Harmony Orchestra

"President's Day"


Film Harmony Orchestra



Film Harmony Orchestra



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